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September 30
Cloudy periods
High: 13°C Low: 3°C

Black Flies Low Mosquitoes Low Deer Flies Low

October 1
Cloudy periods
High: 8°C Low: 0°C

No Bug Activity

October 2
Cloudy periods
High: 15°C Low: 0°C

No Bug Activity

October 3
Mainly sunny
High: 18°C Low: 7°C

No Bug Activity

October 4
Scattered showers
High: 14°C Low: 7°C

No Bug Activity

October 5
Variable cloudiness
High: 12°C Low: 3°C

No Bug Activity


LowLow: Minimal bug activity.

MediumMedium: Moderate bug activity.

HighHigh: Elevated bug activity.

None : Not in season, or not native, or weather conditions are such that there is no bug activity.

All forecasts are meant for mid afternoon and are intended as a guideline for the level of bug activity. Forecasts are also relative to an area's normal amount of bugs for the current time of year. A forecast of "High" for a city area, for instance, would not indicate the same intensity of bugs as a "High" for a wooded parkland area. For specific conditions, please contact the local parks and recreation offices in your location.

Bug forecasts provided by GDG.