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Jeep frozen in flood water

Posted by: Alisa D // February 1, 2013

Lennoxville, Quebec // Shot: January 31, 2013


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August Moon
August Moon
August 30, 2015 August Moon Gerry Pocha Saskatoon, SK August 30, 2015 19370 Evening clouds caress a late August moon. -1824 3648-5472
Snail party
Snail party
August 27, 2015 Snail party Petrus Danila La Prairie, QC August 26, 2015 11701 Snail party -912 2736-3648
Country Chippy
Country Chip...
August 28, 2015 Country Chippy Susan Skeaff Skeleton Lake, Muskoka District Municipality, ON August 28, 2015 5856 Oranus ' beautiful chipmunk has a bike & skateboard. We country chippies can't be outdone ;) Cheers ! -926 1852-2778
Chippy up at the cottage chilling in the guitar
Chippy up at...
August 29, 2015 Chippy up at the cottage chilling in the guitar Doc Delay Magnetawan, ON July 30, 2015 3614 Chippy loves to get his peanuts out of the guitar and sometimes just stay there for a bit. 1428 3264-1836
Salt Spring Island Star Fish
Salt Spring ...
August 28, 2015 Salt Spring Island Star Fish David Miller Salt Spring Island, BC August 4, 2015 3078 One of the best clusters of Star Fish I've seen -640 1920-2560
Coola the Grizzly Bear
Coola the Gr...
August 31, 2015 Coola the Grizzly Bear Elly Stornebrink North Vancouver, BC August 30, 2015 2959 Coola, one of the grizzly bears on top of Grouse Mountain occasionally seemed to yawn whilst awaiting his morning meal. I was waiting for the next yawn though this looks more like bared fangs! 1136 2592-1456
Chipmunk hijinx
Chipmunk hij...
August 30, 2015 Chipmunk hijinx Nature Lover Ottawa, ON August 30, 2015 2595 Chipmunks jostle each other for seeds and one goes airborne. -171 469-640
Beautiful Bear
Beautiful Be...
August 31, 2015 Beautiful Bear Kim Blackstock West Vancouver, BC August 18, 2015 2546 Spotted this bear roaming around Cabin Lake during our hike at Cypress Mountain. Fortunately, it was on the other side of the lake from us. It ignored all the hikers & swimmers. -1000 3000-4000
Leave it to the Beaver.
Leave it to ...
August 27, 2015 Leave it to the Beaver. Jim Middleton North Bay, ON August 12, 2015 2389 After a recent day of rain a Beaver's dam (VIDEO uploaded) was stressed by the surge of water and required a few fixes to stop excessive leaking. The dam is fairly new in the Laurier Woods Conservation Area and has opened up more areas to explore and play home to some new inhabitants as a result of the Beaver's work. There were a few Beavers working on the dam but only this one stuck around as I watched it work. It was not being shy about getting dirty in the least! -1000 3000-4000
Deer Family
Deer Family
August 31, 2015 Deer Family suk ling yeung Niagara Falls, ON July 19, 2015 2158 They came for supper at my friend's front yard. -704 2112-2816
Let go of my Foot
Let go of my...
August 30, 2015 Let go of my Foot Russell Milks Ottawa, ON August 30, 2015 2138 Happened upon a Garter Snake with a foot hold on a Toad. I don't know what the snake was thinking, it could hardly fit the Toad's foot in it's mouth let alone be able to eat the toad. The toad came hopping out of the low lying brush pulling the snake along with it. Finally turning around a few small saplings, they were dead locked. The Garter Snake kept pulling and twitching, while the Toad just sat there as if to say, let go of my foot. I'm to big for you to eat fool.. -2448 4912-7360
Beach love
Beach love
August 28, 2015 Beach love Jana Bishop Canning, NS August 22, 2015 2087 Found these neat heart rocks while exploring Ross creek , Stanley and I love our beach walks ?? 816 3264-2448
Longhorn steer.
Longhorn ste...
August 31, 2015 Longhorn steer. Laurel N Armstrong, B.C. August 30, 2015 1918 Nice looking longhorn steer in Armstrong, B.C. 660 2640-1980
Tuk the TRT
Tuk the TRT
August 25, 2015 Tuk the TRT Wendy R Owen Sound, ON August 9, 2015 1744 Having a little fun in Grey Bruce! -1165 3379-4544
Flying Squirrel
Flying Squir...
August 28, 2015 Flying Squirrel Nature Lover Ottawa, ON August 27, 2015 1676 Had the opportunity to photograph a Flying Squirrel (southern species) on the outskirts of Ottawa tonight. The Flying Squirrel is a nocturnal creature so is seldom seen in the day time. The vast majority of people in Ottawa may not even realize these critters could be in their backyard, given suitable habitat that is. They don't actually fly but rather glide using the outstretched webbing that runs from fore leg to hind leg on both sides. 131 630-499
Semi-detached for spiders..
August 31, 2015 Semi-detached for spiders.. Karen Cook Kingston, NS August 31, 2015 1651 Spotted this double spider web this morning...note the two different designs of webs! -1152 3456-4608
Osprey & Trout
Osprey & Tro...
August 30, 2015 Osprey & Trout Cindy Lynch South Vernon, BC August 22, 2015 1646 -424 856-1280
Ducks in golden water
Ducks in gol...
August 31, 2015 Ducks in golden water Oranus Varzgar Richmond Hill, ON August 5, 2015 1610 Early morning sunshine and the reflection made the water at the lake a beautiful scene. -1728 3456-5184
August 31, 2015 Merlin travis reid reid Grand Forks, BC August 30, 2015 1565 Merlin -1476 1588-3064
unidentified bee
August 27, 2015 unidentified bee Lee Asplund Brooks, AB August 27, 2015 1515 in wild sunflower 14 1510-1496
Osprey in Action
Osprey in Ac...
August 30, 2015 Osprey in Action Monte Comeau Salmo, BC August 11, 2015 1433 I shot this image from a kayak on the beautiful Erie Lake near Salmo, BC. -343 857-1200