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Jeep frozen in flood water

Posted by: Alisa D // February 1, 2013

Lennoxville, Quebec // Shot: January 31, 2013


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The Bull Charges
The Bull Cha...
August 28, 2014 The Bull Charges Jen Murphy Dakeyne Farm, NS Trunk 1, Falmouth, NS August 2, 2014 22999 Belted Galloways in a field in Mt.Denson -1280 2592-3872
My first ever capture of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
My first eve...
August 28, 2014 My first ever capture of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) Ed Matuod Calgary, AB August 27, 2014 10174 Before going to bed, I spotted rays of green up in the sky and to my excitement I forgot to use a tripod in capturing this rarely seen northern lights (so thrilled). Shot taken at around 11:20 pm). -400 800-1200
Calgary Aurora Borealis
Calgary Auro...
August 27, 2014 Calgary Aurora Borealis Muhammad Saadan McKnight Blvd NE, Calgary, AB August 27, 2014 9845 Went out for a early morning Timmies run, and was star gazing and saw the aurora borealis in the sky, from the North East. Breathtaking Stuff. #Mr.Malik : ) -1280 2592-3872
Hanging curtain of Aurora Borealis,
Hanging curt...
August 27, 2014 Hanging curtain of Aurora Borealis, Bill Petrie Winnipeg, MB August 27, 2014 9719 on a cool clear August morning -1485 2273-3758
cool clouds
cool clouds
August 25, 2014 cool clouds frank berg Rainy River, ON August 24, 2014 9681 watching these mushroom like tops form and dissipate over large rolling cumulonimbus clouds -952 1944-2896
Aurora Sundre
Aurora Sundr...
August 27, 2014 Aurora Sundre christy sewell Sundre, Mountain View County, AB August 26, 2014 9287 Aurora borealis and the Big Dipper -346 678-1024
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borea...
August 28, 2014 Aurora Borealis albert golo Thunder Bay, ON August 28, 2014 9205 the northern light seen from thunder bay -1536 3072-4608
Sunset with Wildlife tonight.
Sunset with ...
August 27, 2014 Sunset with Wildlife tonight. Tara Little-Pettifor calgary ab August 26, 2014 7413 An evening drive in the country.I came across so much wildlife.A happy sunset for me. -682 786-1468
beautiful wild poofs mt revelstoke  revelstoke bc
beautiful wi...
August 25, 2014 beautiful wild poofs mt revelstoke revelstoke bc christine barry revelstoke bc August 22, 2014 7023 hiking mt revelstoke with all the beautiful wild flowers -256 768-1024
Late summer in Algonquin
Late summer ...
August 26, 2014 Late summer in Algonquin Guy Pearce Algonquin Provincial Park, Nipissing District, ON August 24, 2014 6554 We had beautiful late summer weather while backpacking in Algonquin; no wind and warm with few bugs. The wispiness of the clouds came out well, and the stars weren't too washed out with the 30 seconds exposure. At center are the main stars of the big dipper (big bear, ursa majoris) and a small part of the little dipper (top right). f2.8, 11mm (DX), ISO6400 at 9.20pm -1248 2448-3696
Little Tillie puppy! (She not little anymore though!)
Little Tilli...
August 24, 2014 Little Tillie puppy! (She not little anymore though!) Nicole Watson Kingston, ON October 17, 2009 4334 Found this photo today of my dog Tillie taken in Fall 2009, back when she was a wee puppy. I almost forgot just how small she was back then.... compared to now! Even the spots on her tongue grew!! lol!! :) 160 640-480
Enjoying the day
Enjoying the...
August 25, 2014 Enjoying the day Jana Polak Amherstburg, ON August 25, 2014 4235 Summer -640 1280-1920
August 25, 2014 Frog Alain Veron Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON August 24, 2014 3487 Frog jumping, 16 image took on 1/4 second... -348 452-800
.captain Brodi
.captain Bro...
August 25, 2014 .captain Brodi sandra olafson Kenora, ON July 20, 2014 3386 Loves to spend time flying with our daughter Pam 2 1936-1934
Harvest Festival Southern Alberta
Harvest Fest...
August 23, 2014 Harvest Festival Southern Alberta Jimmy B Okotoks, AB August 23, 2014 3380 Family Fun Days at the Honey Farm -1072 3216-4288
I Am Watching You.
I Am Watchin...
August 25, 2014 I Am Watching You. Rone Mcgregor Aurora, ON August 24, 2014 3173 On a drive to Glen Major, On. -1000 3000-4000
Rare pink Dragonfly
Rare pink Dr...
August 25, 2014 Rare pink Dragonfly Paulette Bulmer Saskatoon, SK August 25, 2014 3150 This was found on my Bulldozer this morning. How beautiful -266 531-797
August 28 Aurora show
August 28 Au...
August 28, 2014 August 28 Aurora show Spencer Sills 8402-8550 4 Line, Arthur, ON N0G 1A0, August 28, 2014 3052 Myself and other storm chasers in the area, Scott Burlovich, Kayla Bendle and Dave Patrick met up outside of Arthur Ontario to shoot a different type of weather, space weather in the early morning hours and we were not let down. -2114 2884-4998
I Am Watching You.
I Am Watchin...
August 25, 2014 I Am Watching You. Rone Mcgregor Aurora, ON August 24, 2014 2864 On a drive to Glen Major, On. -1000 3000-4000
Une Chenille _ A Caterpillar
Une Chenille...
August 28, 2014 Une Chenille _ A Caterpillar Pat and Linda Together Moncton, NB August 24, 2014 2780 Which end is the head??? Photo by Pat Gallant -1094 1406-2500
Holy Star Trails!
Holy Star Tr...
August 26, 2014 Holy Star Trails! Randy Martin Thunder Bay, ON August 25, 2013 2723 While attempting to capture some Persieds meteors, I took 121 shots, and while I witnessed several Persieds, none of them made it through my camera's field of view. The International Space Station was nice enough to make an appearance. This is a stacked photo which represents approximately 3+hours of Earth's rotation producing the star trails 267 800-533